ITS 2018 Color Calendar

What better way to welcome in the new year than with the help of an Illinois Traction Society year 2018 Color monthly wall calendar?  This 11X17 calendar is printed on high quality, semi-gloss finished paper and features 13 full page scenes of vintage color and black & white Electric, Diesel and Steam operations, system wide.  To help you capture the spirit of a by-gone era, each photo is captioned with an insight to the operation of the Illinois Traction and Illinois Terminal systems.  And, the end of calendar "mystery photo" will surely prompt a chuckle.

For your convenience, each month notes the holidays, with space provided for daily personal notes and IT historical events with a variety of color IT advertising slogans and logos to highlight the calendar.  In addition, almanac data such as the monthly moon phases, spring/fall time and seasonal changes are noted..  Dedicated solely to the preservation of Illinois Terminal history...a gift that keeps giving all year long!!

As a special web page discount, the calendar is offered for $14.50 postpaid ($15.25 retail value). There is no limit to the number of calendars you can order at this price and all proceeds return to the society.

To order your calendar(s), make out check or money order to the Illinois Traction Society and send to:

Dale Jenkins
264 Victoria Ave.
Decatur, IL 62522-1835

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2018 Calendar Cover
2018 Calendar Cover

February 2018
February 2018

March 2018
March 2018

November 2018
November 2018

Web Special --> $ 14.50 each Postpaid

ITS 2017 Color Desk Calendar

This calendar is a reproduction of the 1961 Illinois Terminal Railroad desk calendar issued to shippers and employees of the railroad.  Copies are available for $2.00 each, postpaid, with check or money order payable to:

Illinois Traction Society
ITS Calendar
264 Victoria Ave.
Decatur, IL 62522.

2017 Illinois Terminal Desk Calendar
2017 Desk Calendar

IT Campaign Buttons Available

At the 30th Annual Meet, Decatur, Illinois, a campaign button to commemorate the event was issued to attendees. The button is 3 by 2 inches and features the color artwork of the 30th anniversary logo. The button is available for $2.50 each; postpaid.

2016 Campaign Button
2016 Decatur Campaign Button

At the 26th Annual Meet, Bloomington, Illinois, a campaign button to commemorate the event was issued to attendees. The button is 3-1/4 by 2-1/4 inches and features the scene of the Bloomington Illinois Traction System station, in color, with a black border. The button is available for $2.50 each; postpaid.

2012 Campaign Button
2012 Bloomington Campaign Button

At the 25th Annual Meet, IRM-Union, Illinois, a campaign button to commemorate the 25thth anniversary of the Illinois Traction Society was issued to attendees. The button is 2-3/4 inches and features the ITS 25th anniversary logo and lettering in black with white background.  The button is available for $2.50 each; postpaid.

2011 Campaign Button
2011 IRM Campaign Button

At the 24th Annual Meet in St. Louis, Missouri, a campaign button to commemorate the 100th anniversary of service into St. Louis was issued to attendees. The button is 2-3/4 inches and features the ITS logo and lettering in dark green with a crème color background.  The button is available for $3.00 each; postpaid.

2010 St. Louis Campaign Button
2010 St. Louis Campaign Button

At the 23d Annual Meet, the three-inch “campaign button” featured a drawing of motor 241 in green on yellow stock  The button is available for $3.00 each; postpaid.

2009 Staunton Campaign Button
2009 Staunton Campaign Button

At the 22nd Annual Meet, the three-inch “campaign button” featured a modified version of the St. Louis & Alton Logo in red with white lettering.  The button is available for $3.00 each postpaid.

Alton Campaign Button
Alton Campaign Button

At the 21st Annual Meet, the “campaign button” highlighted the Peoria 100th anniversary with passenger motor.  The button is available for $3.00 each postpaid.

Peoria Campaign Button
Peoria Campaign Button

At the 20th Annual Meet a new style badge was introduced in the form of an old fashion “Campaign Button”.  The 2½ inch oval shaped orange button bears the black “Illinois Terminal Railroad System” oval emblem and is available for $3.00 each postpaid.

ITC Campaign Button
ITC Campaign Button

To order any of the campaign buttons, make check or money order payable to Illinois Traction Society and send to:

Dale Jenkins
264 Victoria Ave.
Decatur, IL 62522-1835

Please note in your order which campaign button(s) are desired.  All receipts are earmarked to help offset the cost of the Annual Meet.

Dale Jenkins Railroad Research Logo

Researched and Developed by Dale Jenkins

After eight years of research, Dale Jenkins has compiled information of every rail line that was built or chartered but not built in the State of Illinois. This compilation lists the corporate heritage, station, mile post, distance, county, rail crossings, trackage rights, abandonments and miscellaneous information. Non-built lines are listed by corporation and proposed routes. The information is cross-referenced by city, county, corporation and chronological listing of functioning companies. This effort reflects 1,067 pages covering 1,217 railroad corporations for 431 routes and streetcar systems. This is in addition to the 1,679 railroads incorporated but failed to be placed in operation.

This information is in PDF format on CD and shipped postpaid.  $15 check or money order payable to:

Dale Jenkins;
264 Victoria Ave.
Decatur, IL 62522


The yellow T-Shirt sports the Illinois Terminal Railroad System logo on the front and the system map on the back in green color... Any size, $20.00 plus $3.00 for Postage.  Contact:

Dal Cook
203 Woodhaven Drive
Lexington, N. C.  27295
(336) 207-5975
Paypal, credit cards, checks, and money orders accepted.
Future releases are a Class C advertisement and the SD39.

Hot (IT) Diesel Action!

ITS member Mike Schafer has launched a new series of picture CDs called "Slides With Mike Schafer," and his newest CD set spotlights the IT. "The Diesel Era of the Illinois Terminal Railroad" features over 100 vibrant, sharp, colorful images of IT hot diesel action, from the mid-1960s to the end of the IT in 1981. Unlike other picture CDs, the photos are grouped into sections with introductory text, and the photos themselves are arranged in order, with each one featuring a short caption. These picture CDs are intended for CD-R-compatible players and are ideal for digital projectors or those big-screen TVs that are becoming standard in every home. Or, the CD can be view on your PC or Mac using Photo Viewer (PC) or Preview or iPhoto (Mac).Price is $19.95 plus $2 for postage and handling per order.

Send check or money order to White River Junction Productions, P.O. Box 129, Lee, IL 60530. Mike advises that he is not quite yet ready to accept credit cards but is working on it. By the way, his first release was "Growing Up With The Milwaukee Road," with about 75 images; this picture CD is available for $17.95 plus $2 P&H. The Milwaukee Road CD is proving to be very popular, and he has had to do four runs of this title. You may order both titles and the $2 will cover the P&H of both. Coming soon, "Growing Up With The Chicago & North Western."

Mike Schafer's Diesel Era of the IT
The Diesel Era of The Illinois Terminal Railroad

Streetcar History of
Kewanee and Galva, Illinois
Now Available!

The late Fred Rozum, a long-time, charter member of the Illinois Traction Society, has completed a history of the Kewanee, Illinois streetcar system (1903-1935), which also operated an interurban to nearby Galva, Illinois, from 1906 to 1932.  Fred completed the text late in 2007, but he was unable to complete the placement of pictures and the final details of publication before his death in April of 2008.  The Kewanee Historical Society, which had supplied Fred with information and pictures, finished the book and provided for its publication.

The Kewanee streetcar story is Fred’s third full-length book.  His first, published in 1999, was about the electric railways of Bloomington-Normal, where he grew up and graduated from high school in 1943 and Illinois State University after service in World War II.  His other book was The Peoples Traction Company, an interurban between Galesburg and Abingdon from 1901 to 1925, published in 2006.

Streetcars of Kewanee and Galva, Illinois is based on four years of research by Fred that included looking at over 30 years of the Kewanee Star Courier on microfilm.  Through interlibrary loan Fred was able to do the newspaper research in Phoenix, Arizona, where he and his wife Joyce had lived for many years.

Streetcars of Kewanee and Galva is a paperback book of 100 pages printed in 8 by 11 inch format.  The book includes over 50 black and white pictures, several maps and charts, including a detailed description of all the rolling stock, and a list of virtually all streetcar employees.

The book is available for shipment from the publisher, Kewanee Historical Society.  The cost is $16 including sales tax plus $3 for postage and handling ($19 total).  For each additional book the total cost is just $17 ($16 for the book and $1 for shipping).  To order make checks payable to Kewanee Historical Society at 211 N. Chestnut St., Kewanee IL 61443. For more information about the book and author visit the society’s website  If any question email the curator at

Also available the last few remaining copies of
People's Traction Company Galesburg to Abingdon, 1901-1925”, the story of one of the lesser known interurbans in Illinois and a property owned by the Illinois Traction System.  The line started as an independent and after 1913 was part of the Illinois Traction and later, Illinois Power & Light Company.  Many pictures, maps, rosters and timetable; 29 pages, soft cover $7.50 plus $2.50 postage.

Kewanee & Galva Car
Kewanee & Galva Railway Company

Fred & Joyce Rozum in 2005
Fred & Joyce Rozum in 2005

Robert West, one of America's top railroad illustrators, has unveiled two of his newest paintings, reflecting operations on the Illinois Terminal Railroad.  “On Time…All the Time” is a scene depicting a northbound 2-car streamliner, crossing over Route 66, at Springfield, Illinois.  A 1953 Corvette emerges from beneath the overpass.  An ironic twist is incorporated in the adjacent billboard sign.

The painting “Encounter at Illiopolis“, depicts the eastbound “City of Decatur” streamliner, passing over the Route U. S. 36 overpass, at Illiopolis, Illinois.  A “Sunshine Dairy” Divco delivery truck driver exchanges a friendly wave, with motorman Ray Reed.  On the adjacent Wabash mainline a passenger locomotive is pulling a freight train on a “break-in run” after repairs en-route back to Decatur.

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On Time... All the Time

Encounter at Illiopolis

Announcing the Arrival of the
Illinois Terminal Spotter's Guide!!!

- An 84-page book detailing data of the locomotive fleet, their paint schemes, photographs and drawings.  The companion CD features color images of the locomotives.

Currently Available!

Contact Jim Reese
for ordering details:

Now Available!

How many Belt Lines were proposed at Danville...?  Who was Katherine Wilson...?  Why was the diesel fleet painted in the "Oval" paint schemes in the mid-1960s...?  What equipment comprised the IT’s Navy and why...?  During the mid-1970s and the excessive high inflation, why did the IT have record profits...?  What is a Dale Jenkins...?  Questions to ponder; well, almost some questions.  Yet the answers, more data, and more facts can be found in the newly released book of The Illinois Terminal Railroad: The Road of Personalized Services.  The book features the history beginning with the Illinois Traction in 1901, to the end of the Illinois Terminal in 1981.  The history covers the operations of the Electric, Steam and Diesel eras, the obscure events of history, and the people that made the railroad uniquely "The Road of Personalized Services".

The book is hard bound including dust jacket with 328 pages, printed on 100 pound paper, with both black & white and 140 pages of color photographs, and features maps to help better understand the complexity of this unique railroad.  The quality and details to perfection of this publication will further enhance the enjoyment and pride of ownership, whether one is an IT fan or a fan of railroading in general.

White River Productions has announced that the book covering the long awaited definitive history of the Illinois Terminal and predecessor companies is complete and now available for shipment.

The Illinois Terminal Railroad: The Road of Personalized Services, the long-awaited book by Dale Jenkins, is complete and now available for shipment from White River Productions.  The book, in 8½ X 11 vertical format with 328 pages of color and B&W photos, printed on 100-lb.gloss-enamel paper. To order make checks payable to White River Productions, 24632 Anchor Ave. Bucklin, MO 64631 or call Toll Free 877-787-2467 to order by Visa or Master Card credit card.

Cover for The Illinois Terminal Railroad: The Road of Personalized Service

White River Productions


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